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Kate Walker

Kate Walker

As senior Kate Walker is about to graduate, she says she’s “been involved in everything from UGA Crew to Delta Zeta sorority.” In her time at UGA, she studied in Spain and worked in Australia picking fruit and drawing blood, among other things. She is currently working part-time as an intern for Oasis Católico Santa Rafaela, a local program designed to help Hispanic children adjust to life in America.


Lawrenceville, Georgia

High School:

Collins Hill High School

Degree objective:

A.B. in History with a minor in Spanish

Expected graduation:

August 2004

University highlights, achievements, awards and scholarships:

I’ve been involved in everything from UGA Crew to Delta Zeta sorority during my four years here in Athens. I spent a summer in Valencia, Spain with the UGA en Espana program and worked for six months in Australia during my junior year. I was involved with the Athens Mentoring Program and helped a little girl adjust to Georgia after her move from El Salvador. I am also involved at the Catholic Center and have received the HOPE scholarship throughout college. I have also made the Dean’s List and am a member of Delta Epsilon Iota National Honors Fraternity.

Current Employment:

I am an “intern” at Oasis Católico Santa Rafaela but technically work for CLASE (the Center for Latino Achievement and Success in Education.) The Oasis program is located in a trailer park north of campus and is run by three nuns. Students from UGA volunteer at Oasis during the school year to help local Hispanic children with their homework. I’ve worked with the program for 2 semesters, but this past spring, I was able to get more involved. I now help the sisters coordinate volunteer involvement and act as a liaison between the UGA component and the program administrators. Working at Oasis has been the most rewarding experience for me. Not only have I seen children improve in school with language and grades, but I have watched them open up. Their confidence has developed, and I just adore each of them. But this experience has done more for me. I have become passionate about helping these children and this community. They have taught me in more ways than I can even comprehend and they will honestly be a part of me whever I go in life.

I chose to attend UGA because…

Originally from the North, I had always planned on leaving the South for college. When it came time to apply, UGA was the only college that I applied to in the state. To help me decide if I wanted to enroll, I followed a friend around who was going here…attending classes, eating in the dining halls, and exploring campus. After that, I knew that I wanted to be a Georgia Bulldog!

My favorite things to do on campus are…

I just love North Campus. When the weather is nice, my favorite thing to do is lie down in the grass and catch up on homework or just take a nap! Of course, I love attending sporting events—football, baseball, basketball, and gymnastics have been my favorites.

When I have free time, I like…

…to catch a movie at Tate; other times I enjoy running. I finished my first half-marathon in Atlanta on Thanksgiving.

The craziest thing I’ve done is…

… worked in Australia for six months during my junior year. I had all sorts of jobs, including picking oranges, packing peppers on a farm, and testing blood! I got to go around Sydney, Australia and test people’s cholesterol, iron, and blood sugar. I’m a history major, but I was a nurse and a migrant worker for a while!

My favorite place to study is…

…The Catholic Center. It is quite a well-kept secret at UGA. During finals week, Father Jack keeps it stocked with goodies and caffeine. It so quiet and peaceful!

My favorite professor is…

…Dr. Bryant Simon of the History department. Unfortunately, he is moving to Philadelphia to take a job at Temple University, but he has been such a great teacher. I first took a survey class of his during my sophomore year; I was undecided about my major and after his class I knew that I wanted to be a history major. His classes are always so fun, and he just loves the material so his students get excited as well. Dr. Simon is also a good teacher because of his ability to connect the material to the present; he always made history seem relative.

If I could share an afternoon with anyone, I would love to share it with…

…my great-grandmother. I never met her, but I’ve always looked up to her. When she was a young girl growing up in Germany, her parents died. She worked and saved up enough money for passage to America for her and her three brothers. Whenever I think that something can’t be done, I imagine Amelia. She had to have been terrified, but she was brave and came without knowing what was in store.