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Why I Give: Deborah Lester Elder

Dr. Deborah Lester Elder (Submitted photo)

Name: Dr. Deborah Lester Elder

Position: Clinical professor, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences department, College of Pharmacy

Years at UGA: 19

Beneficiary of her gift to the university: Pharmacy Enhancement Fund, Georgia Fund, Pharmacy Student Travel Award Fund, College of Pharmacy Faculty Student Support Fund, Elder Academic Support in Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences

Why she gives: “Giving to the university is my way of supporting the academic success of the current and future generation of student pharmacists. The money that I give helps provide scholarships and fund new programs and initiatives for the next classes of students who will attend the College of Pharmacy. Ultimately, my reason for giving can best be expressed in a quote from Booker T. Washington. ‘Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.’”