Campus News

Winter weather closing procedures

By policy, the university makes one of three announcements during inclement winter weather: UGA is open and operating on a regular schedule; UGA is closed; or UGA will delay opening until a specific time. An all campus e-mail is the primary means to distribute such announcements. The announcement also is posted to the UGA home page (

Up-to-date information is provided to Athens radio stations, University Cable Channel 15 and local cable channel 15.

Announcements should be made by 6:30 a.m., unless inclement weather develops after 6:30 a.m. on a school/work day. Then,  the same notification procedures are used.

When UGA is officially closed, it is closed for everyone: faculty, staff and students. Departments will designate in advance those employees expected to report to work during a weather emergency.

Announcements for weather closings at UGA campuses in Gwinnett, Griffin and Tifton are handled separately by those campuses.

Please do not telephone the UGA Police, other campus offices or the news media, as their telephone lines need to be kept open for emergency response.

The entire inclement winter weather policy is available online (