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Writing-intensive course proposals

The Franklin College Writing-Intensive Program invites proposals from Arts and Sciences faculty in all disciplines for innovative courses that encourage writing.

Writing-intensive courses vary across disciplines at UGA, but all make writing important to the thinking of the course, give students opportunities to write in low stakes and high stakes situations, and engage students in conversations about writing. In general, writing intensive courses should:

  • Feature innovative writing assignments that relate clearly to course learning; teach the communication values of a discipline, such as its practices of argument, evidence, ­credibility and format; and prepare students for further writing in their academic work, in graduate school and in professional life.
  • Break assignments into parts that teach the process of ­effective writing in a field.
  • Provide opportunities for planning, feedback and revising.
  • Make effective use of Writing-Intensive Program teaching assistants, and make their resources clear to students.

Submit proposals on WIP course proposal forms by Feb. 28. Proposal forms can be found on or from Michelle Ballif,