WUGA-TV to broadcast ‘Troxler’s Truckers: Memories of Vietnam’

Athens, Ga. – WUGA-TV, the public television station owned and operated by the University of Georgia, will present two broadcasts of the documentary, “Troxler’s Truckers: Memories of Vietnam,” on Thursday, Dec. 6 at 9 p.m. and on Wednesday, Dec. 12 at 8 p.m.

An Augusta, Ga.-based Army Reserve unit officially known as the 319th Transportation Company, coined themselves “Troxler’s Truckers” after their commanding officer Captain Drew Troxler. Activated and sent to the Vietnam War in 1968, the unit drove their trucks more than one million miles delivering ammunition, supplies and soldiers to bases around South Vietnam during their eleven month tour of duty.

This documentary explores the soldier’s Vietnam War experience through self-made film footage, photographs and audio recordings. Interviews made at reunions and other gatherings allow the soldiers to tell their story of stress, fatigue, hard work and humor. Broadcasts of “Troxler’s Truckers” are made available through a special arrangement with its producer-director, independent filmmaker James Henderson.

WUGA-TV is operated by the University of Georgia in partnership with Georgia Public Broadcasting. Funding for WUGA-TV and its affiliated radio station WUGA-FM is provided in part through sponsorships, underwriting and listener contributions. For more information on WUGA-TV, see www.wugatv.org.