UGA opens new outdoor teams challenge course

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April 9, 2015

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    Part of UGA's outdoor teams challenge course includes a section where participants move along a single high line while holding hands and ropes to stay balanced.

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    Tom Breedlove from the University Architects office, comes in for a soft landing on the zip line at the new Challenge Course. Joey Robinson, graduate assistant in Outdoor Recreation (right) helps move zip liners safely off the line. Photo by Paul Efland.

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    Hairy Dawg tries out the zip line at the new UGA Challange Course. Photo by Paul Efland.

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Athens, Ga. - The University of Georgia has opened a new outdoor teams challenge course that includes two zip lines, a giant swing, rope ladders and bridges. Open to UGA and non-UGA groups, the course aims to improve participants' communication, trust and teamwork.

The new teams challenge course, located next to the Lake Herrick Recreational Sports Complex in Oconee Forest Park, adds to UGA Outdoor Recreation's existing offerings, which include a low challenge course program and indoor challenge course in the Ramsey Student Center. Outdoor Recreation is part of the Department of Recreational Sports in the Division of Student Affairs.

"This new course is very different from our former outdoor course, which was more focused on individuals," said Susan Powell, coordinator for Outdoor Recreation. "Now people are having to work together to solve a goal or meet a challenge while up high."

The outdoor teams challenge course has been in the works for more than a year. It also offers a staircase and platform so that it can be more inclusive to those with a fear of heights.

"Any time a group comes out, we contact them and see what they want to get out of their experience and then cater the activities based on their goals," Powell said.

Powell said that several nonprofits or corporate groups also use the challenge courses. Pricing and information on using a challenge course are at

Powell said the plan is to continue building the challenge program's success.

"My goal is to really increase the number of participants, but also increase the quality of the experiences," she said. "Our motto at the challenge course is ‘Lead with conviction, follow with dedication and fly with confidence.' I think trying to get more people in that mindset is important."

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