UGA spring enrollment totals 32,177

UGA spring enrollment totals 32,177

February 15, 2008

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Rebecca Macon

Rebecca Macon


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Athens, Ga. - Spring semester enrollment at the University of Georgia totals 32,177, a one percent decrease from last year's record spring enrollment.

The total includes 31,210 students attending classes at UGA's main campus in Athens and 884 students enrolled at the university's extended campuses in Gwinnett County and in Griffin and Tifton. An additional 83 students are enrolled in independent study.

Though down by 333 students from last spring's record of 32,510 students, this year's total is the third-highest spring semester enrollment in UGA history. The second-highest was 32,329 in 2004.

Enrollment on the Athens campus, down by 256 students from last spring, includes 23,665 undergraduates, 6,021 graduate students and 1,524 students in the professional schools of law, pharmacy and veterinary medicine.

Total enrollment on the three extended campuses includes 749 students at the Gwinnett campus, 85 students at the Griffin campus and 50 students at the Tifton campus.

Graduate student enrollment at the Gwinnett campus totals 711, a 25.4 percent jump over last spring. Only 38 undergraduates are attending classes at the Gwinnett campus as UGA proceeds with a planned phasing out of its undergraduate program as students complete their studies this year.

The spring total includes 1,424 students not previously enrolled at UGA, including 30 first-time freshmen who have not attended any other college or university since graduating from high school.

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