UGA unveils redesigned license tag

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April 19, 2013

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    The UGA specialty tags will help raise money for need-based scholarships.


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    UGA is releasing—through the Georgia Department of Revenue—a new, sleeker version of its specialty state of Georgia license plate featuring the university’s iconic “power G.” The UGA specialty tags will help raise money for need-based scholarships.

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Athens, Ga. - The Bulldog Nation has a new way to show support for the University of Georgia on the road while also helping students fulfill their dream of a college education.

UGA is releasing a new, sleeker version of its specialty state of Georgia license tag featuring the university's iconic "power G" through the Georgia Department of Revenue. The new tag features a red, black and silver-gray design encompassing the entire plate.

Beyond the display of Bulldog pride, the tag also raises money for need-based scholarships at UGA. For each specialty tag on the road, $10 annually goes to scholarships through the UGA Foundation.

With 60,000 UGA tags currently on the road—more than any other university tag in the state—the specialty tag program goes a long way in helping Georgians attend the state's flagship university, said Tom Jackson, UGA's vice president for public affairs.

"We are hoping that with the new design there will be even more interest in people willing to change their plates and to show their loyalty to the University of Georgia," Jackson said.

The new tag replaces the previous incarnation, a solid white tag that featured the university's bulldog mascot, Uga. The old tag will no longer be available for purchase, but those who have one still help the scholarship program.

"If you have the bulldog tag on your car and want to keep it, you can do that," said Jackson. "The university still gets the annual $10 toward need-based scholarships."

Anyone, including current UGA tag owners, requesting the new UGA tag will be required to pay a $25 manufacturing fee plus $35 special tag fee plus any other standard tag fees and taxes (if applicable). After receiving a temporary tag, the specialty tag will be shipped to the driver's home address within seven to 10 business days.

More information on the UGA license tag can be found at or see the Georgia Department of Revenue website for more information about motor vehicle tags.




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