UGA College of Veterinary Medicine admits more students to its class of 2007

ATHENS, Ga. – On August 18, 96 students in the College of Veterinary Medicine will begin their four-year pursuit of a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. The class of 2007 consists of 10 more students than have traditionally been admitted.

“The increase in enrollment is a result of strong market demand for our graduates,” says Keith W. Prasse, dean, College of Veterinary Medicine. “Georgia’s population grew 20 percent over the past decade and we have increased enrollment to meet this demographic change. Laboratories and classrooms are being renovated to accommodate the increase in class size.”

Students in this fall’s entering class have a median grade point average of 3.67, a median science grade point average of 3.6 and a median GRE score of 1164.

The average age of entering students is 25. Women comprise 84 percent of the entering class – the highest percentage of women the college has ever admitted.

“The percentage of women admitted is similar to the percentage of women in the applicant pool, and parallels that seen in other veterinary colleges in the United States,” said Sheila W. Allen, associate dean for academic affairs.

Seventy out of the 96 students are from Georgia. A contract with the Southern Regional Educational Board allows a certain number of students from Delaware, South Carolina and West Virginia to be admitted because those states do not have veterinary colleges.

The class of 2007 includes two students from Delaware, 14 students from South Carolina and five from West Virginia. Five of the entering students come from outside the contract states: California, Connecticut, Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee.