UGA athletic director job description approved

This is to provide to the media the position description for director of athletics at the University of Georgia. In releasing this description, search committee chair Jere Morehead says, “The Athletic Director Search Committee has approved the following position description, which also has been reviewed by President Adams and Coach Dooley. We now will begin the process of identifying qualified candidates with the assistance of the search firm of Baker-Parker.”

A job description follows.



The University of Georgia

Athletic Director

Reports To
University President

Positions Directly Supervised
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Basic Function
The Athletic Director is responsible for administration and direction of the total intercollegiate athletic program, which has a current annual budget of $45 million, fielding 21 intercollegiate teams (9 men’s and 12 women’s) in NCAA Division I, comprising over 500 student athletes and utilizing multi-million dollar physical facilities. This position requires someone who may have considerable expertise in intercollegiate athletics management, a keen business sense, and an appreciation for the important role athletics plays in a great public university. In addition, the Athletic Director will effectively represent the NCAA’s unique attributes of fair play, character, learning, balance, spirit and community.

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Develops plans, policies, procedures and programs which are in compliance with the University, the SEC Conference, the NCAA rules and regulations, applicable State and Federal laws, and which promote the mission of the Department, the University’s high standard of academic excellence and the general welfare of student-athletes.

2. Submits reports, recommendations and supporting documentation to the Athletic Board and the President, as necessary, to make decisions regarding goals, academics, capital expansion, staffing, budget appropriations, scheduling and other aspects of the University’s athletics program.

3. Manages and oversees men’s and women’s sports through each coach and senior athletic staff.

4. Ensures that coaching and administrative staff actively supports the Department and University’s joint commitment to academic achievement for each student-athlete.

5. Consults with the Faculty Athletics Representative and Athletics staff for NCAA Compliance regarding the interpretation of applicable rules, and clarifies conflicts of opinion with the President. Reports to the President and assists the Faculty Athletics Representative in investigating all cases where a violation has or may have occurred.

6. Promotes athletic excellence on local, conference and national levels for the men’s and women’s intercollegiate sports programs, to include coordinating the recruitment, selection and evaluation of all coaches.

7. Develops and implements long term planning regarding not only fiscal needs for operations and capital improvements, but also internal goals for strengthening the Department through staff expansion and program development.

8. Develops budget guidelines, approves budget appropriations for each area, and monitors conformance to budget as approved by the Athletic Board.

9. Oversees fiscal operations, with the assistance of the Athletic Department staff. The Athletic Director will have overall responsibilities for finance and facilities of the University Athletic Department to ensure the practice of sound business techniques.

10. Develops and implements programs to increase revenue sources for the Department to include effective plans for marketing and promotions as well as fund raising strategies to promote donor support of the athletics program.

11. Serves as the primary spokesperson of the Department promoting the philosophy and mission of the intercollegiate athletics program with faculty, staff, students, alumni, sports media and the general public during public relations opportunities.

12. Represents the Department at University, community, SEC Conference, NCAA and other meetings and conventions.

13. Establishes and periodically refines departmental organizational structure to ensure the effective management of human resources. Approves all employee contracts for the coaches, trainers, administrative staff and other personnel who work for the Department of Athletics. Supervises their training and work to evaluate their contribution to the Department.

14. Evaluates the condition of the athletic facilities, to include inspection for safety, as well as comparison with State of Georgia, SEC Conference and national standards.

15. Maintains open communication channels with students, faculty, administrators, alumni and friends of the University. Consults with the Intercollegiate Athletic Committee of the University Council.

16. Has direct responsibility for the negotiation of all Radio/TV contracts for coaches’ shows and athletic events staged in UGA athletic facilities to ensure compliance with University and Southeastern Conference rules and regulations.

17. Coordinates the formulation of an annual report on the present status and future plans for the University’s intercollegiate athletics program.

18. Provides additional services as directed by the President.


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