UGA open Monday and Tuesday

As you are aware by now, Gov. Sonny Perdue on Friday asked public schools in grades K-12 around the state to take two “early snow days” and close Monday and Tuesday to help conserve gasoline.

In consultation with the Governor’s office, Interim Chancellor Corlis Cummings has ascertained that the Governor’s request does not apply to the University System of Georgia. She has announced that all 34 institutions of the University System of Georgia will remain open.

According to President Michael F. Adams, in light of the System guidance, the University will operate on a regular schedule next week. He has asked that a plan be developed to minimize fuel use on the campus for the coming weeks. In addition, and in light of the Governor’s executive order, he has directed that all non-essential automobile travel by University employees on state business be curtailed until further notice. In addition, any out-of-state business travel by automobile must be approved in advance by the appropriate vice president until further notice.

To reiterate, the K-12 school closure will not affect the University of Georgia. UGA will be open and will operate on a regular schedule Monday and Tuesday.