Warnell School faculty and students highlight international timberland investment conference in New

Athens, Ga. – In response to the dramatic alteration of Georgia’s forest and landscape caused by large transfers of ownership from traditional forest service product companies to conservation organizations, pension funds and not for profit foundations, the Center for Forest Business and Timber Mart-South, both forest industry cooperative organizations housed at the University of Georgia’s Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, helped sponsor the International Quality and Productivity Center’s “Timberland Investing: Summit” in New York during April.

Georgia has undergone the largest transfer of land ownership over the past two years than at any other time in its history. While the visible transfers have occurred in metropolitan areas with strip malls replacing trees, the majority of the transfers have occurred in the rural forestlands that cover seventy-five percent of the state. Huge tracts of privately owned forestland, sometimes in the millions of acres, have been sold recently by the traditional forest product companies, such as Weyerhaeuser, International Paper and Temple-Inland.

Jon P. Caulfield, Warnell School adjunct professor and director of research at Regions Morgan Keegan Timberland Group, chaired the international conference on timberland investing. The conference targeted chief investment officers of pension funds, insurance companies, charitable trusts and private investment organizations as well as asset management firms.

Keynote speakers included Mike Clutter and Brooks Mendel, both faculty members in Forest Business at the Warnell School, and the event was attended by three Warnell School forest business graduate students, Hugh Lentile, Matt Camp and Ryan Mattei, who went to the conference to promote CFB’s Timberland Investment Conference to be held in 2007.

“This conference is a marvelous opportunity for our graduate students to meet the practitioners and see the many sides of timberland investment as an asset class,” explained Bob Izlar, Director of the Center for Forest Business.

For more information about the Center for Forest Business visit http://www.forestry.uga.edu/h/centers/cfb or Timber Mart-South visit www.timbermart-south.com.

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