Campus News

2007 Osborne Film Festival

Actors Marni Nixon, Colleen Camp and Fred Willard, ­director/producer Marilyn Agrelo as well as industry veterans Roger Mayer, Norm Aladjem and Angela Allen will be special guests at Robert Osborne’s Classic Film Festival, March 22–25 at the Classic Center.

Osborne, the host of Turner Classic Movies and columnist for The Hollywood Reporter, is thrilled with the lineup.

“Our guests this year represent every aspect of the motion picture industry,” said Osborne. “We are honored to welcome them all to Athens.”

Guests will appear on stage after screenings for a discussion with Osborne and members of the audience. Guests present on March 23 will take part in a panel discussion about classic films with Osborne. Open to the public, the discussion will  begin at 10:30 a.m. at the Classic Center Theater. Guests present on March 25 will appear at the closing brunch at 11:30 a.m. in the Classic Center Fire Hall. A limited number of passes for the closing brunch are available for $90.

The movie lineup for the festival includes Some Like it Hot, Laura, The Man Who Would be King, Waiting for Guffman, Election, Mad Hot Ballroom, An Affair to Remember and The Sound of Music.