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Members of promotion, tenure review committees named

In accordance with the University of Georgia Guidelines for Appointment, Promotion and Tenure, the membership of the University Review Committees are being announced.
University Review Committee members for 2011-2012 are:
• Fine and Applied Arts-Bruce Ferguson, Lisa Fusillo, Simon J. Gatrell, David Haas, John C. Inscoe (elected chair), Jared S. Klein and Georgia Kay Strange.
• Health and Clinical Sciences-Michael G. Bartlett, Rose Chepyator-Thomson, Stephen J. Divers, John R. Fischer, Joel Lee, P.O. Eric Mueller (elected chair) and Mark Wilson.
• Humanities-Dorothy Figueira, Richard Friedman, Edward C. Halper, Elissa Henken, Jan N. Pendergrass, Robert A. Pratt (elected chair) and Richard D. Winfield.
• Life Sciences-Casimir Akoh, Jeffrey L. Bennetzen, Albert K. Culbreath (elected co-chair), Stephen Hajduk, Timothy R. Hoover, James W. Porter and Harald W. Scherm (elected
• Physical Sciences-Gauri S. Datta, Michael Duncan, Uwe Happek, William H. Kazez, Walter Don Potter (elected chair), William K. Vencill and Sally E. Walker.
• Social and Behavioral Sciences-Douglas Bachtel, Mark Cooney, Tina M. Harris, Gary J. Lautenschlager, David S. Leigh (elected chair), Keith Poole and Timothy B. Raser.
• Professional and Applied Studies [A]-John P. Beasley, Pete Bettinger, Maricarmen Garcia, Jennifer Gaver (elected chair), June Gary Hopps, Lori A. Ringhand and William G. Wraga.
• Professional and Applied Studies [B]-Linda Bamber, Juanita Johnson-Bailey, Ruthann W. Lariscy, Jay Mancini, John J. Maurer, Lloyd Rieber (elected chair) and Robert J. Vandenberg.
• Professional and Applied Studies [C]-Scott E. Atkinson (elected chair), Bruce E. Borders, Andy Kavoori, Richard D. Lewis, Julie M. Moore, John Harold Mulherin and Wanda L. Stitt-Gohdes.
The University Promotion and Tenure Appeals Committee became a standing committee of University Council in 2007. A complete committee membership list is available on the University Council website (