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Promotions approved for 154 faculty

The University of Georgia has approved the promotion of 154 faculty members. Board of regents’ approval of promotions is no longer required. Those receiving promotion are:

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

To Professor 
Dennis W. Duncan, agricultural leadership, education and communication; Brian David Fairchild, poultry science; Timothy Lane Grey, crop and soil sciences; and John W. Worley, poultry science.

To Associate Professor
Robert Byron Beckstead, poultry science; Nicholas E. Fuhrman, agricultural leadership, education and communication; Dennis W. Hancock, crop and soil sciences; Pingsheng Ji, plant pathology; Berna Karali, agricultural and applied economics; Kristen Jean Navara, poultry science; Alexander M. Stelzleni, animal and dairy science; and Ronald Scott Tubbs, crop and soil sciences.

Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

To Professor
Maor Bar-Peled, plant biology; Marguerite Brickman, plant biology; Jason Cantarella, mathematics; Adam S. Goodie, psychology; Robert B. Hawman, geology; Nik Heynen, geography; Robert G. Jackson, art; Michael J. Marshall, art; Rodney Mauricio, genetics; Joshua Miller, psychology; Chris J. Peterson, plant biology; Stephen Andrew Scheer, art; Robin L. Shelton, physics and astronomy; and Hyangsoon Yi, comparative literature.

To Associate Professor
Ibigbolade Simon Aderibigbe, religion; Marla R. Carlson, theatre and film studies; David T. Gay, mathematics; Angela Gibney, mathematics; David W. Hall, genetics; Todd C. Harrop, chemistry; Lewis Chad Howe, Romance languages; Ivan W. Ingermann, theatre and film studies; Kimberly D. Klonowski, cellular biology; Tianming Liu, computer science; Angel Nicolás Lucero, Romance languages; Mary Hallam Pearse, art; Channette Romero, English; John Short, history; Christopher Jon Sieving, theatre and film studies; Inseok Song, physics and astronomy; Richard A. Steet, biochemistry and molecular biology; Piers Howard Guy Stephens, philosophy; Susanne Ullrich, physics and astronomy; Michael Usher, mathematics; Lianchun Wang, biochemistry and molecular biology; Lily Wang, statistics; and Xiaoyu Zhang, plant biology.

To Senior Lecturer
Debra L. Bell, Romance languages; Charles Byrd, Germanic and Slavic languages; Rouslan Elistratov, religion; Margie Margarita Paz, microbiology; and Concettina Pizzuti, Romance languages.

To Senior Academic Professional
Mark J. Callahan Jr., theatre and film studies; and Lisa Gail Townsley, mathematics.

Terry College of Business

To Professor
Amrit B. Tiwana, management information systems.

To Associate Professor
Thomas R. Berry-Stoelzle, insurance, legal studies and real estate; Stacie K. Laplante, accounting; Santhosh Ramalingegowda, accounting; and Tao Shu, finance.

To Senior Lecturer
Craig Piercy, management information systems.

College of Education

To Professor
Cory A. Buxton, educational theory and practice; and Andrew G. Izsak, mathematics and science education.

To Associate Professor
Thomas A. Baker, kinesiology; AnnaMarie Conner, mathematics and science education; Khalil M. Dirani, lifelong education, administration and policy; Ruth M. Harman, language and literacy education; Julie M. Kittleson, mathematics and science education; John M. Mativo, career and information studies; April L. Peters, lifelong education, administration and policy; Michael D. Schmidt, kinesiology; Ajay Sharma, educational theory and practice; and Ji Shen, mathematics and science education.

To Clinical Professor
Katherine F. Thompson, educational theory and practice.

To Clinical Associate Professor
Earl R. Cooper, kinesiology; Janna Dresden, educational theory and practice; and Allison U. Nealy, communication sciences and special education.

To Senior Lecturer
Gregory Neil Clinton, career and information studies, and Ilse Sannen Mason, kinesiology.

College of Engineering

To Professor
Mark Haidekker.

To Associate Professor
Sudhagar Mani, Leidong Mao and John R. Schramski.

College of Environment and Design

To Associate Professor
Brad Davis.

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

To Professor
Leslie Gordon Simons, human development and family science.

To Associate Professor
Judith Maria Bermudez, human development and family science; Swarnankur Chatterjee, housing and consumer economics; Steven Miles Kogan, human development and family science; Diann Carol Moorman, housing and consumer economics; and Velma Zahirovic-Herbert, housing and consumer economics.

To Senior Lecturer
Emily Carol Blalock, textiles, merchandising and interiors.

Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication

To Professor
Bryan H. Reber, advertising and public relations.

College of Pharmacy

To Associate Professor
Somanath Shenoy, clinical and administrative pharmacy.

To Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor
Christina Elaine DeRemer, clinical and administrative pharmacy.

College of Veterinary Medicine

To Professor
Adrian John Wolstenholme, infectious diseases.

Odum School of Ecology

To Professor
James E. Byers.

Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources

To Professor
Michael J. Chamberlain and Campbell Joseph Nairn III.

To Associate Professor
Robert B. Bringolf and Kamal Gandhi.

School of Law

To Professor
Elizabeth Weeks Leonard.

To Associate Professor
Matthew Isaac Hall, Lisa Milot and Christian Turner.

School of Public and International Affairs

To Professor
Jamie L. Carson, political science; and M.V. Hood III, political science.

To Associate Professor
Robert K. Christensen, public administration and policy; Brock Tessman, international affairs; Richard Lee Vining, political science; and Teena Wilhelm, political science.

Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

To Associate Professor
Erik Ness, Institute of Higher Education.


To Librarian III
Diana Yehle Hartle and Amber A. Prentiss.

To Librarian II
Emily Hopkins Luken and Mandy L. Mastrovita.

Office of the Vice President for Instruction

To Senior Academic Professional
Shannon O. Wilder, Office of Service-Learning.

To Academic Professional
Denise Pinette Domizi, Center for Teaching and Learning.

Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach

To Senior Public Service Associate
Pratt W. Cassity Jr., environment and design; George Weston Clarke Jr., Carl Vinson Institute of Government; V. Renee Dotson, Cooperative Extension-Northeast District; David D. Dunn, Small Business Development Center; Sharon M. Gibson, family and consumer sciences extension; Susan B. Howington, Cooperative Extension-Northwest District; Kristen Mark Irwin, forestry and natural resources; Sherri K. Lawless, Carl Vinson Institute of Government; Charles H. McDuffie, pharmacy; ­Melody Clay Sheffield, pharmacy; Timothy Varnedore, Cooperative Extension-Southeast District; and Trina J. von Waldner, ­pharmacy.

To Public Service Associate
Terri Cameron Black, Cooperative Extension-Southeast District; Myra L. Byrd, Carl Vinson Institute of Government; Jennifer W. Davidson, Cooperative Extension-Northwest District; Marnie Amerson Dekle, Cooperative Extension-Southeast District; Randall E. Donaldson, Small Business Development Center; Paul David Duncan, Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute; Mathew E. Hauer, Carl Vinson Institute of Government; Sheila Wilcox Marchant, Cooperative Extension-Southeast District; Casey Downs Mull, Cooperative Extension-4-H and Youth; and Mary P. Sheffield, Cooperative Extension-Northwest District.

To Public Service Assistant
Randi Roxanne Booker Price, Cooperative Extension-Southwest District; Victoria D. David, Cooperative Extension-Northwest District; Tracy Patton Elder, education-dean’s office; Heidi L. Flowers, Cooperative Extension-Southeast District; Justin S. Shealey, Cooperative Extension-Southwest District; Cynthia Felbob Sheram, Cooperative Extension-Southeast District; Robert Adam Speir, Cooperative Extension-Northeast District; and Melony L. Wilson, animal science.

Office of the Vice President for Research

To Senior Research Scientist
Parastoo Azadi, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center; and Gurazada V. Ravi Prasad, Center for Applied Isotope Studies.

To Associate Research Scientist
Kazuhiro Aoki, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center; Huabei Guo, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center; Joshua Sharp, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center; and Dehai Zhao, forestry and natural resources.