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166 UGA faculty members receive promotion

The University of Georgia has approved the promotion of 166 faculty members.Those receiving a promotion are:

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
To Professor: Qingguo Huang, crop and soil sciences; Maria Navarro, agricultural leadership, education and communication; and Michael Toews, entomology.

To Associate Professor: Marin Brewer, plant pathology; Kylee Duberstein, animal and dairy science; Elizabeth Little, plant pathology; Nicholas Magnan, agricultural and applied economics; and Anand Mohan, food science and technology.

To Senior Public Service Associate:
Melanie Biersmith, 4-H Youth; Forrest Connelly, Northeast District Cooperative Extension; Wade Parker, Southeast District Cooperative Extension; and Jacob Price, Southwest District Cooperative Extension.

To Public Service Associate:
Timothy Daly, Northwest District Cooperative Extension; Sheri Dorn, horticulture; Brenda Jackson, Northwest District Cooperative Extension; and Sonya Jones, Southwest District Cooperative Extension.

To Public Service Assistant:
Nathaniel Eason, Northeast District Cooperative Extension; Winston Eason, Northwest District Cooperative Extension; Jason Edenfield, Southeast District Cooperative Extension; James Freeman, Southwest District Cooperative Extension; Laura Goss, Southwest District Cooperative Extension; and Brooke Walker, Northwest District Cooperative Extension.

College of Education
To Professor: Ikseon Choi, career and information studies; Anneliese Singh, counseling and human development services; and Alan Stewart, counseling and human development services.

To Associate Professor: Kevin Burke, language and literacy education; Manuel Gonzalez Canche, Institute of Higher Education; Hilary Hughes, educational theory and practice; Rebecca Lieberman-Betz, communication sciences and special education; Christina Linder, counseling and human development services; Zhenqiu Lu, educational psychology; Joel Ringdahl, communication sciences and special education; Kristin Sayeski, communication sciences and special education; and Mardi Schmeichel, educational theory and practice.

To Clinical Associate Professor: Sandie Bass-Ringdahl, communication sciences and special education; Robert Capuozzo, educational theory and practice; and Sonia Janis, educational theory and practice.

To Associate Research Scientist: Sarah Sumners, educational theory and practice.

College of Engineering
To Associate Professor: Mable Fok, engineering; and Zion Tse, engineering.

To Senior Lecturer: Hilary Tanner, engineering; and Michael Yoder, engineering.

College of Environment and Design
To Associate Professor: Stephen Ramos, environment and design.

To Senior Lecturer: Donnie Longenecker, environment and design.

To Senior Academic Professional: Melissa Tufts, environment and design.

College of Family and Consumer Sciences
To Professor: Jung Lee, foods and nutrition; and Lance Palmer, financial planning, housing and consumer economics.

To Associate Professor: Kimberly Skobba, financial planning, housing and consumer economics.

To Senior Lecturer: Melissa Kozak, human development and family sciences.

College of Pharmacy
To Professor: Brian Cummings, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences

To Associate Professor: Aaron Beedle, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences; Jayani Jayawardhana, clinical and administrative pharmacy; and Eileen Kennedy, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences.

To Clinical Associate Professor: Stephanie V. Phan, clinical and administrative pharmacy.

College of Public Health
To Professor: Nathan Hansen, health promotion and behavior.

To Associate Professor: Jennifer Gay, health promotion and behavior; Ye Shen, epidemiology and biostatistics; and Ming Zhang, epidemiology and biostatistics.

College of Veterinary Medicine
To Professor: Alvin Camus, pathology; Nikolay Filipov, physiology and pharmacology; Chad Schmiedt, small animal medicine and surgery; Susan Williams, population health; and Xiaoqin Ye, physiology and pharmacology.

To Associate Professor: Melinda Camus, pathology; Kelsey Hart, large animal medicine; Ajay Sharma, veterinary biosciences and diagnostic imaging; and Maria Viveiros, physiology and pharmacology.

To Senior Research Scientist: Barbara Reaves, infectious diseases.

Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
To Professor: Sarah Blackwell, Romance languages; Shu-Mei Chang, plant biology; George Contini, theatre and film studies; Jonathan Evans, English; Angela Gibney, mathematics; Brian Hoffman, psychology; John Knox, geography; Daniel Krashen, mathematics; Neil Lyall, mathematics; Lan Mu, geography; Diana Ranson, Romance languages; Khaled Rasheed, computer science; Michael Craig Robinson, music; David Saltz, theatre and film studies; Susan Thomas, music; Victor Thompson, anthropology; Andrew Zawacki, English; and Wendy Zomlefer, plant biology.

To Associate Professor: Nathan Carter, psychology; Jamie Kreiner, history; Pablo Lapegna, sociology; Karl Lechtreck, cellular biology; Zachary Lewis, microbiology; T. Anthony Marotta, theatre and film studies; Amy Medlock, biochemistry and molecular biology; Reid Messich, music; Nicolas Morrissey, art; Peter O’Neill, comparative literature; Jennifer Palmer, history; Julie Allardice Ray, theatre and film studies; Jennifer Rice, geography; Robert Schmitz, biological sciences; Marni Shindelman, art; Nanette Spina, religion; Belinda Stillion Southard, communication studies; Andrea Sweigart, genetics; Dorset Trapnell, plant biology; and Jin Xie, chemistry.

To Senior Lecturer: Natalia Alexeev, mathematics; Heide Crawford, Germanic and Slavic studies; Natasha Ganem, sociology; Mary Anne O’Neal Ingle, English; Michael Klipper, mathematics; Jodie Lyon, religion; Melanie Simpson, Romance languages; and Sara Steger, English.

To Senior Academic Professional: Ari Lieberman, comparative literature.

To Academic Professional:
William Marlow, music.

To Senior Research Scientist: Magdy Alabady, plant biology.

Graduate School
To Senior Academic Professional: Meredith Welch-Devine, interdisciplinary graduate programs.

Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication
To Professor: Carolina Acosta Alzuru, advertising and public relations.

To Associate Professor: Sun Ahn, advertising and public relations; and Joe Phua, advertising and public relations.

To Senior Lecturer: Emuel Aldridge, New Media Institute.

To Senior Academic Professional: Christopher Shumway, journalism.

Odum School of Ecology
To Professor: Vanessa Ezenwa, ecology and infectious diseases (joint); and Amy Rosemond, ecology.

To Associate Professor: Nina Wurzburger, ecology.

School of Law
To Professor: Andrea Dennis, law; and Hillel Levin, law.

To Associate Professor: Jason Cade, law.

To Librarian III: Thomas Striepe, law school library; and Jason Tubinis, law school library.

School of Public and International Affairs
To Associate Professor: James Monogan III, political science.

School of Social Work
To Associate Professor: Yoon Joon Choi, social work; and Jennifer Elkins, social work.

Terry College of Business
To Professor: Marcus V. Da Cunha Jr., marketing; Scott Graffin, management; Steven Pottier, insurance, legal studies and real estate; and John Turner, economics.

To Associate Professor: Anindita Chakravarty, marketing; Joshua Kinsler, economics; Timothy Quigley, management; and Ian Schmutte, economics.

To Senior Lecturer: David Barbe, music business; Paul Holmes, insurance, legal studies and real estate; Alice Kinman, economics; and Jason Rudbeck, economics.

Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources
To Professor: Bronson Bullock, forestry and natural resources; Jeffrey Hepinstall-Cymerman, forestry and natural resources; and Nathan Nibbelink, forestry and natural resources.

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
To Librarian II: Jasmine Rizer, libraries.

To Librarian III: John Cruickshank, libraries; Julie Darken, libraries; Jan Hebbard, libraries; Callie Holmes, libraries; Christian Lopez, libraries; and Emily Luken, libraries.

To Librarian IV: Diana Hartle, libraries.

Vice President for Instruction
To Senior Academic Professional: Sherry Clouser, Center for Teaching and Learning.

Vice President for Public Service and Outreach
To Senior Public Service Associate: Phillip Boyle, Carl Vinson Institute of Government; Leigh Elkins, Carl Vinson Institute of Government; Dimitris Kloussiadis, Small Business Development Center; and Richard Martin, Small Business Development Center.

To Public Service Associate: Emily Boness, Fanning Institute for Leadership Development; John Hulsey, Carl Vinson Institute of Government; Stacy Jones, Carl Vinson Institute of Government; Daniel Lasseter, Carl Vinson Institute of Government; and Joseph Walton Jr., Small Business Development Center.

To Public Service Assistant: Katy Smith, Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant.

Source: Office of Faculty Affairs