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UGA has approved promotion of 166 faculty members

The University of Georgia has approved the promotion of 166 faculty members. Those receiving a promotion are:

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

To Professor: Nicholas Fuhrman, agricultural leadership, education and communication; Dennis Hancock, crop and soil sciences; Gerald Henry, crop and soil sciences; Pingsheng Ji, plant pathology; and Zenglu Li, crop and soil sciences.

To Associate Professor: Koushik Adhikari, food science and technology; Woo Kyun Kim, poultry science; and John Snider, crop and soil sciences.

To Senior Public Service Associate: Rebecca Thomas, Northwest District Cooperative Extension, and Jennifer Hubbard, Southwest District Cooperative Extension.

To Public Service Associate: Dana Lynch, Northeast District Cooperative Extension; Vonsuela Baker, Northwest District Cooperative Extension; Paula Burke, Northwest District Cooperative Extension; Brian Hayes, Southwest District Cooperative Extension; Carole Knight, Southeast District Cooperative Extension; Joseph LaForest, Entomology Cooperative Extension; Crystal Perry, Southwest District Cooperative Extension; Lucy Ray, Northeast District Cooperative Extension; Justin Shealey, Southwest District Cooperative Extension; Patricia West, Southeast District Cooperative Extension; and Janet Woodard, Northeast District Cooperative Extension.

To Public Service Assistant: Megan Bailey, Northwest District Cooperative Extension; Caitlin Bennett, Northeast District Cooperative Extension; Bonnie Boone, Southwest District Cooperative Extension; Franklin Jackson, Northeast District Cooperative Extension; Heather Kolich, Northwest District Cooperative Extension; Jacqueline Nunn, Southeast District Cooperative Extension; Dinah Rowe, Northwest District Cooperative Extension; and Kelli Salmon, Northwest District Cooperative Extension.

College of Education

To Professor: Jolie Daigle, counseling and human development services.

To Associate Professor: Jennifer Brown, communication sciences and special education; Daniel Capps, mathematics and science education; and Nathan Jenkins, kinesiology.

To Clinical Professor: Earl Cooper, kinesiology; Janna Dresden, educational theory and practice; Allison Nealy, communication sciences and special education; and Carol Raymond, communication sciences and special education.

To Clinical Associate Professor: Sara Kajder, language and literacy education; and Petros Panaou, language and literacy education.

To Senior Lecturer: Mara McCrary, mathematics and science education.

College of Engineering

To Associate Professor: Mi Chorzepa, ­engineering; Javad Mohammadpour Velni, engineering; Xianqiao Wang, engineering; and Clifton Woodson, engineering.

To Senior Lecturer: Peter Carnell, engineering, and Siddharth Savadatti, engineering.

College of Environment and Design

To Associate Professor: Rosanna Rivero, ­environment and design, and Alison Smith, environment and design.

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

To Professor: Swarnankur Chatterjee, financial planning, housing and consumer economics; Steven Kogan, human development and family science; and Katalin Medvedev, textiles, merchandising and interiors.

To Associate Professor: Sophia Anong, financial planning, housing and consumer economics, and Assaf Oshri, human development and family science.

To Clinical Associate Professor: Carol Laws, Institute on Human Development and Disability.

To Senior Public Service Associate: Karen Tinsley, family planning, housing and consumer economics.

To Public Service Associate: Doug Crandell, family and consumer sciences.

College of Pharmacy

To Professor: Somanath Shenoy, clinical and administrative pharmacy, and Yujun Zheng, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences.

To Associate Professor: Arthur Roberts, ­pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences.

To Clinical Associate Professor: Trisha Branan, clinical and administrative pharmacy.

To Senior Academic Professional: Michael Fulford, pharmacy.

College of Public Health

To Associate Professor: Xiaozhong Yu, ­environmental health science.

To Senior Lecturer: Kyle Turner, ­epidemiology and biostatistics.

College of Veterinary Medicine

To Professor: Roy Berghaus, population health; Robert Hogan, veterinary biosciences and diagnostic imaging; John Peroni, large animal medicine; Jane Quandt, small animal medicine and surgery; and Moges Woldemariam, pathology.

To Associate Professor: Samuel Franklin, small animal medicine and surgery; Balazs Rada, infectious diseases; Scott Secrest, veterinary biosciences and diagnostic imaging; and James Stanton, pathology.

To Clinical Associate Professor: Gregg Rapoport, small animal medicine and surgery.

Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

To Professor: Ibigbolade Simon Aderibigbe, religion; Wayne Coppins, religion; Gary Douberly, chemistry; David Gay, mathematics; Daniel Hall, statistics; Anna Karls, microbiology; Jason Locklin, chemistry; Tricia Lootens, English; Abhyuday Mandal, statistics; Christof Meile, marine sciences; Cheolwoo Park, statistics; Robert Sabatini, biochemistry and molecular biology; Walter Schmidt, biochemistry and molecular biology; Richard Steet, biochemistry and molecular biology; Michael Usher, mathematics; Lianchun Wang, biochemistry and molecular biology; and Wenxuan Zhong, statistics.

To Associate Professor: Mark Abbe, Lamar Dodd School of Art; Jill Anderson, genetics; Jason Burnett, Hugh Hodgson School of Music; Jonathan Eggenschwiler, genetics; Brian Haas, psychology; Jaclyn Hartenberger, Hugh Hodgson School of Music; Moon Jung Jang, Lamar Dodd School of Art; Pengsheng Ji, statistics; Chang Khang, plant biology; Casie LeGette, English; Patricia Medeiros, marine sciences; Laurie Reitsema, anthropology; Daniel Rood, history; Emily Sahakian, theatre and film studies; Michelle vanDellen, psychology; and Brian Wesolowski, Hugh Hodgson School of Music.

To Senior Lecturer: Danielle Bray, ­English; Perry Buffington, psychology; Kara Dyckman, psychology; Andrei Galiautdinov, physics and astronomy; Emily Gertsch, Hugh Hodgson School of Music; Olga Thomason, Germanic and Slavic studies; and Eileen Wallace, Lamar Dodd School of Art.

To Senior Academic Professional: Brigitte Bruns, plant biology; Khedija Gadhoum, Romance languages; and Daphne Norton, chemistry.

To Senior Research Scientist: Stephane Benoit, microbiology.

To Associate Research Scientist: Gerrit Schut, biochemistry and molecular biology.

Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication

To Professor: Yan Jin, advertising and public relations, and Maria Len-Rios, advertising and public relations.

School of Law

To Associate Professor: Nathan Chapman, School of Law.

School of Public and International Affairs

To Professor: Cas Mudde, international affairs.

To Associate Professor: Chad Clay, international affairs; Daniel Hill, international affairs; and Temirlan Moldogaziev, public administration and policy.

School of Social Work

To Associate Professor: Orion Mowbray, School of Social Work, and Michael Robinson, School of Social Work.

Terry College of Business

To Professor: David Eckles, insurance, legal studies and real estate; Stuart Gillan, finance; Jacqueline Hammersley, J.M. Tull School of Accounting; and Michael Pfarrer, management.

To Associate Professor: Robert Resutek, J.M. Tull School of Accounting; Meghan Skira, economics; and Erin Towery, J.M. Tull School of Accounting.

To Senior Lecturer: Jason Matthews, J.M. Tull School of Accounting; Sara McManus, marketing; and David Sutherland, ­management information systems.

Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources

To Professor: Robert Bringolf, forestry and natural resources, and Kamal Gandhi, forestry and natural resources.

To Associate Professor: James Beasley, Forestry and Natural Resources; Richard Chandler, Forestry and Natural Resources; Joseph Dahlen, Forestry and Natural Resources; Puneet Dwivedi, Forestry and Natural Resources; and James Martin, Forestry and Natural Resources.

To Adjunct Associate Professor: Brian Irwin, Forestry and Natural Resources, and Clinton Moore, Forestry and Natural Resources.

To Senior Research Scientist: Dehai Zhao, Forestry and Natural Resources.

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

To Librarian II: Steven Armour, libraries; Sarah Causey, libraries; Lindsey Reynolds, libraries; and MacKenzie Smith, libraries.

To Librarian III: Meagan Duever, libraries.

To Librarian IV: Amber Prentiss, libraries, and Ian Thomas, libraries.

Vice President for Public Service and Outreach

To Senior Public Service Associate: Kyle Hensel, Small Business Development Center, and Paula Sanford, Carl Vinson Institute of Government.

To Public Service Associate: Shana Jones, Carl Vinson Institute of Government; Mary Marlowe, Carl Vinson Institute of ­Government; Mara Shaw, Carl Vinson Institute  of Government; Kris Sikes, Carl Vinson Institute  of Government; Lori Tiller, J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development; and Brandy Walker, J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development.

Vice President for Research

To Senior Research Scientist: Kazuhiro Aoki, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center; Randolph Culp, Center for Applied Isotope Studies; and Robert Speakman, Center for Applied Isotope Studies.

To Associate Research Scientist: Maria Pena, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center.

Source: Office of Faculty Affairs