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UGA has approved promotion of 168 faculty members

(UGA file photo)

The University of Georgia has approved the promotion of 168 faculty members. Those receiving a promotion are:

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost 

To Librarian IV: Mariann Burright, libraries-general operations; and Viki H. Timian, libraries-general operations.

To Librarian III: Susan Clay, libraries-general operations; Mandy Mastrovita, libraries-general operations; Mary Poland, libraries-general operations; and Donald S. Summerlin, libraries-general operations. 

Vice President for Public Service and Outreach 

To Associate Research Scientist: Ajaya K. Biswal, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center.

To Public Service Associate: Mona Behl, Marine Extension Service; Rebecca Moore Brownlee, Small Business Development Center; Jennifer F. Ceska, State Botanical Garden of Georgia; Alex Robert Daman, Carl Vinson Institute of Government; Angelique H. Jackson, Archway Partnership Project; David Lee Lakly, Carl Vinson Institute of Government; William Matthew Lastinger, Small Business Development Center; and Jay Scott Pippin, Carl Vinson Institute of Government.

Vice President for Research 

To Senior Research Scientist: Christian Heiss, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center; and Scott Edward Noakes, Center for Applied Isotope Studies.

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences 

To Professor: Dan Barry Croom, agricultural leadership, education and communication; Rajagopalbabu Srinivasan, entomology research college; Aaron Thompson, crop and soil sciences; R. Scott Tubbs, crop and soil sciences; and Marvin Lenny Wells, horticulture. 

To Associate Professor: Mark Abney, entomology; Abigail Borron, agricultural leadership, education and communication; Benjamin Campbell, agricultural and applied economics; Xiangyu Deng, food science and technology; Hunt Brendan, entomology; Lohitash Karumbaiah, animal and dairy science; Hongxiang Liu, animal and dairy science; Ali Missaoui, crop and soil sciences; Chad Michael Paton, food science and technology; and Ashfaq Ahmad Sial, entomology. 

To Senior Public Service Associate: Denise Everson, Northeast District Cooperative Extension; Casey Downs Mull, 4-H Youth; Paul Jesse Pugliese, Northwest District Cooperative Extension; Uttam Kumar Saha, Feed and Environmental Water Lab; Mary Sheffield, Northwest District Cooperative Extension; and Amanda Marie Tedrow, Northeast District Cooperative Extension.

To Public Service Associate: Leigh Anne Phelps Aaron, Northeast District Cooperative Extension; Kasey L. Bozeman, Southeast District Cooperative Extension; Susan L. Culpepper, Northwest District Cooperative Extension; Chesley R. Davis, Northeast District Cooperative Extension; Jason D. Duggin, animal and dairy science; Lauren Dye, Northeast District Cooperative Extension; Lauren L. Griffeth, agricultural leadership, education and communication; Alexandria C. Griner, Northwest District Cooperative Extension; Kathryn A. Holland, Southwest District Cooperative Extension; Stephanie Maxie Hollifield, Southwest District Cooperative Extension; Jason T. Lessl, Soil, Plant and Water Lab-Cooperative Extension; Allison P. Perkins, Northwest District Cooperative Extension; Randi Roxanne Booker Price, Southwest District Cooperative Extension; L. Rochelle Sapp, Southwest District Cooperative Extension; Andrew Garrett Sawyer, Northwest District Cooperative Extension; Keishon J. Thomas, Northwest District Cooperative Extension; Jakyn J. Tyson, Southeast District Cooperative Extension; and Jessica Warren, Southeast District Cooperative Extension.

To Public Service Assistant: Tony L. Barnes, Southeast District Cooperative Extension; Joel Burnsed, Northeast District Cooperative Extension; Stephanie Skojac, Northwest District Cooperative Extension; Tripp
Northeast District Cooperative Extension; and Laura Ashley Witcher, Northwest District Cooperative Extension. 

To Associate Research Scientist: Jennifer Jo Thompson, crop and soil sciences.

College of Education 

To Professor: Amy B. Ellis, mathematics and science education; and Bernadette D. Heckman, counseling and human development services.

To Associate Professor: Jarrod A. Call, kinesiology; Ashley J. Harrison, educational psychology; In Heok Lee, career and information studies; Tisha Lewis-Ellison, language and literacy education; Darris Means, counseling and human development services; and Julianne D. Schmidt, kinesiology.

To Clinical Associate Professor: Karen Bryant, lifelong education, administration and policy; and Mary K. Guay, language and literacy education. 

To Associate Research Scientist: Hye-Jeong Choi, College of Education Centers; Georgia Wood Hodges, mathematics and science education; and Kevin R. Raczynski, College of Education Centers.

College of Engineering 

To Professor: Stephan A. Durham, environmental, civil, agricultural and mechanical engineering; Jenna R. Jambeck, environmental, civil, agricultural and mechanical engineering; Sudhagar Mani, chemical, materials and biomedical engineering; Leidong Mao, electrical and computer engineering; and Yajun Yan, chemical, material and biomedical engineering.

College of Environment and Design 

To Professor: Robert Alfred Vick, Dean’s Office-Environment and Design.

College of Family and Consumer Sciences 

To Professor: Theodore G. Futris, human development and family sciences; and Yoo-Kyoung Seock, textiles, merchandising and interiors.

To Associate Professor: Claire de La Serre, foods and nutrition; Lilia Gomez-Lanier, textiles, merchandising and interiors; and Robert Pazdro, foods and nutrition.

College of Pharmacy 

To Associate Professor: Houjian Cai, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences.

To Clinical Associate Professor: Rebecca H. Stone, clinical and administrative pharmacy.

To Public Service Associate: Ashley Nicole Hannings, College of Pharmacy.

College of Public Health 

To Professor: Curtis A. Harris, health policy and management; and Xiao Song, epidemiology and biostatistics.

To Associate Professor: Hanwen Huang, epidemiology and biostatistics; and Anne Marie Zimeri, environmental health science.

To Clinical Associate Professor: Kerstin Gerst Emerson, health policy and management.

College of Veterinary Medicine 

To Professor: Amie Koenig, small animal medicine and surgery; Paula M. Krimer, pathology; Nicole Cecile Northrup, small animal medicine and surgery; Corey Fontaine Saba, small animal medicine and surgery; and Elizabeth W. Uhl, pathology.

To Associate Professor: Michele Barletta, large animal medicine; Amanda Erikson Coleman, small animal medicine and surgery; Roberto A. Palomares Naveda, population health; and Jesse R. Schank, physiology and pharmacology.

To Clinical Associate Professor: Andrew Craig Bugbee, small animal medicine and surgery; Emmanuel Rollin, population health; and Jarred M. Williams, large animal medicine.

Franklin College of Arts and Sciences 

To Professor: Dezso Benedek, comparative literature; Dana Bultman, Romance languages; Adrian Burd, marine sciences; Marla Carlson, theatre and film studies; James E. Coverdill, sociology; Kelly Dyer, genetics; Tad T. Gloeckler, Lamar Dodd School of Art; Todd Harrop, chemistry; Deepak Mishra, geography; Amy Ross, geography; Julie Spivey, Lamar Dodd School of Art; Stephanie Tingler, Hugh Hodgson School of Music; Amy Trauger, geography; Susanne Ullrich, physics and astronomy; and John P. Wares, genetics.

To Associate Professor: Christine Albright, classics; Tessa Andrews, genetics; Analisa Arroyo, communication studies; Fikri Avci, biochemistry and molecular biology; Jennifer Birch, anthropology; Joshua Bousquette, Germanic and Slavic studies; John Bray, theatre and film studies; Benjamin Britton, Lamar Dodd School of Art; Clifton Buck, marine sciences; Malissa Clark, psychology; Jennifer Crenshaw, Lamar Dodd School of Art; Berna Gueneli, Germanic and Slavic studies; Takahiro Ito, biochemistry and molecular biology; Jain Kwon, Lamar Dodd School of Art; Justin Lavner, psychology; James Derrick Lemons, religion; Rielle Navitski, theatre and film studies; Peter O’Connell, classics; Sarah Shannon, sociology; Kristen Shockley, psychology; Jiyeon So, communication studies; and Magdalena Zurawski, English.

To Associate Research Scientist: Benhui Yang, physics and astronomy.

Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication
To Professor: Jooyoung Kim, advertising and public relations.

To Associate Professor: Michael Cacciatore, advertising and public relations; Shira Chess, entertainment and media studies; and Bartosz Wojciech Wojdynski, journalism. 

Odum School of Ecology 

To Associate Professor: Elizabeth Gallant King, ecology.

To Associate Research Scientist: Patrick Rod Stephens, ecology.

School of Law 

To Professor: Mehrsa Baradaran, law.

School of Public and International Affairs 

To Professor: Alexander H. Kaufman, political science.

To Associate Professor: Amanda Abraham, public administration and policy; and Rongbin Han, international affairs.

School of Social Work 

To Associate Professor: Mary Elizabeth Ager Caplan, School of Social Work; and Tiffany Renee Washington, School of Social Work.

To Clinical Associate Professor: Anthony Joseph Mallon, School of Social Work.

Terry College of Business

To Professor: Santanu Chatterjee, economics; Marie S. Mitchell, management; and Jessica Beth Rodell, management.

To Associate Professor: Joshua Lee, J.M. Tull School of Accounting; Tim Samples, insurance, legal studies and real estate; Julio Sevilla, marketing; and Benjamin C. Whipple, J.M. Tull School of Accounting.

To Senior Public Service Associate: Jeffrey M. Humphreys, Terry College of Business.

Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources 

To Professor: Sonia M. Hernandez, forestry and natural resources.

To Associate Professor: Bertram Bynum Boley, forestry and natural resources.

To Senior Public Service Associate: Charles T. Bargeron IV, forestry and natural resources. 

Source: Office of Faculty Affairs