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Add edible plants to new gardens

When planting ornamental gardens, home gardeners should consider incorporating edible plants in their ornamental flower beds for a pretty, yet practical, plant mix.

Edible plants can act as substitutes for annuals in the landscape, with some also coming in the form of shrubs, vines or small trees.

If you’re looking for annual color, rainbow chard, kale and lettuce will add drama while calendula and nasturtium produce flowers that can add color to salads or can be incorporated into pestos. For height, look for plants like corn, okra and Jerusalem artichokes.

Thyme, oregano and savory are excellent ground covers. If fruit is more to your taste, strawberries also spread to cover areas well.

Blueberries don’t just grow delicious fruit but also provide spring flowers and fall colors. Apple trees maximize fruit output in small places; pomegranate, figs and jujubes also grow well in Georgia.

Muscadine grapes, Malabar spinach and a variety of beans can climb trellises or arbors, adding visual interest to your garden while taking up minimal space.