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New book uncovers Africa’s renaissance

New News Out of Africa: Uncovering Africa’s Renaissance
Charlayne Hunter-Gault
Oxford University Press

In New News Out of Africa, eminent reporter and UGA alumna Charlayne Hunter-Gault offers a fresh and surprisingly optimistic assessment of modern Africa, revealing that there is more to the continent than the bad news of disease, disaster and despair.

Blending personal memoir with sterling reportage and astute analysis, Hunter-Gault presents an Africa we rarely see. She looks first at South Africa, contrasting the country she first encountered as a young reporter—when she personally witnessed the brutality of apartheid—with the black-led, multiracial society of today, a nation undergoing one of the most radical social and economic experiments in modern times.

Likewise, Hunter-Gault looks at the ­continent-wide efforts to promote “an  African renaissance,” illuminating the political and economic conditions in Rwanda, Mozambique, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Angola and Sierra Leone. Finally, the book describes the challenges of reporting on the much-maligned continent and the efforts of African journalists to tell their own story.