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Aggrey named to working group

Samuel Aggrey, the Richard B. Russell Professor in Agriculture in UGA’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Department of Poultry Science, has been named as a member of the Working Group on Animal Seed of the African Seed and Biotechnology Partnership Platform, a group that is setting the agenda for advancing seed sector transformation in Africa.

As a member of the working group, Aggrey will contribute to Agenda 2063, the blueprint for African Union’s economic development, which identifies agricultural development as a high priority.

The Working Group on Animal Seed will support decision making and policy formulation related to animal seed sector development; provide evidence-based advocacy and awareness creation for animal seed stock development and dissemination; furnish knowledge and asset sharing and professional development in respect to animal seed; and offer collaborative networking for animal seed stock development and dissemination.

The benefits of seeds to food security and agricultural productivity cannot be overemphasized: quality animal and plant seeds are the foundations of agricultural productivity improvements, and well-functioning seed systems are critical to improving food and nutrition security, resilience and livelihoods of smallholder farmers in Africa.