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Agricultural and environmental college dean announces administrative changes

In an effort to streamline administration, J. Scott Angle, dean and director of the university’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, announced major changes in the college’s administrative structure.

Jerry Cherry, associate dean for research, and Mel Garber, associate dean for extension, resigned April 3. The two positions will be combined, and a national search will begin immediately to find a suitable candidate to become associate dean for research and extension.

“The size, structure and effectiveness of the college administration were among the main ­issues I faced when I came here in August as dean,” Angle says. “Both Drs. Cherry and Garber have provided outstanding leadership to the college. But after eight months of observing how the college functions, I have made some hard decisions that will help us work more efficiently in the future.”

While the search is conducted, Bob Shulstad, current assistant dean for research, and Beverly Sparks, current assistant dean for extension, will be given the title of interim associate dean and will work together to administer the Agricultural Experiment Stations and Cooperative Extension, respectively. These actions are effective April 17.