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Alumna’s book helps with settling estates

The Settlement Game: How to Settle an Estate Peacefully and Fairly
By Angie Epting Morris
Voyanges Press Inc.

Coping with the death of a loved one is hard enough without the additional burden of navigating complicated estate settlements.

When their own parents died, Big Canoe resident and UGA alumna Angie Epting Morris and her siblings successfully settled the estate without alienating one another. After helping her in-laws with estate settlements, Morris became an expert, and has compiled a thorough guide to the process in The Settlement Game: How to Settle an Estate Peacefully and Fairly.

In the first chapter, Morris notes the book is not intended to replace a family attorney; rather, it seeks to make a complex legal issue more understandable to the average reader. It also includes advice on how to keep the family intact and on good terms throughout the settlement ­process.

The chapters are wittily given sports terms: The Ground Rules (committing to a common goal and establishing an organization system); The Game Setup (appraisal and interest lists); and Final Stats: The “To-Do” List, among others.

Morris received her bachelor’s in geography from UGA in 1968, and has worked as a cartographer, a high school English and geography teacher and retail travel agency owner and instructor.