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Annual SGA banquet recognizes outstanding faculty

Fourteen UGA teachers were publicly recognized for their outstanding work in the classroom at the annual Student Government Association Professor and Administrator Recognition Banquet held earlier this month.

Each winner was nominated by a student who had been enrolled in one of the winner’s classes in the course of the previous calendar year.

The student presented the award winner to the attendees during the dinner, explaining why this teacher deserved the honor.

The awardees were selected from a variety of different fields and levels of experience, from full professor to graduate assistants and lecturers. The SGA Academic Affairs Committee handled the selection process and banquet preparation. The banquet is a longstanding SGA tradition, intended to give the students themselves an opportunity to thank outstanding teachers in the university community.

This year’s winners were: ­Marshall Darley, associate professor, biological sciences; Mark Dawkins, academic ­director, accounting; Christine ­Franklin, lecturer, statistics; Bobbie Friedmann, associate professor, marketing and distribution; Kenneth Gaver, professor, accounting; Mark Huber, academic director, management information systems; Holly Isserstedt, graduate teaching assistant, women’s studies; John Knox, lecturer, engineering; Thomas Lessl, associate professor, speech communication; Hubert McAlexander, professor, English; Ray Paolino, associate professor, drama; Matthew Perri III, associate department head, pharmacy; James Porter, professor, ecology; and Fran Teague, professor, English.