Campus News

April 2010 Retirees

Twenty-seven UGA employees retired April 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and length of employment are:
Katherine F. Berryman, administrative associate II, Assistant Dean’s Office–Georgia Experiment Station, 30 years/8 months; Denne E. Bertrand, research technician III, Cooperative Extension–horticulture, 11 years/10 months; Robert W. Bond, laboratory technician III, soil, plant and water lab, 29 years; Lynn P. Bryant, administrative associate II, internal auditing division, 29 years/6 months; Teresa A. Byrd, administrative associate I, population health, 28 years/6 months; Arthur N. Dunning, vice president, public service and outreach, 16 years/3 months; Paul T. Hardy, senior public service associate, Carl Vinson Institute of Government, 31 years/11 months; Charles E. Harris, insulator, welding shop, 29 years; Charlie R. Hilton, research technician III, crop and soil sciences–Coastal Plain Experiment Station, 32 years/6 months; Ruby T. Jackson, laundry worker, central foods storage, 22 years/8 months; Fannie Jarrell, building services worker II, residence hall facilities administration, 27 years/7 months; Jane K. Jones, administrative associate II, Athletic Association, 9 years/9 months; Gail Martin, building services supervisor, residence hall facilities administration, 20 years/11 months; Stephen P. McDonald, electronics technician III, biological agricultural engineering research, 23 years/4 months; Sandra H. McPeake, administrative specialist II, Dean’s Office–College of Public Health, 17 years/11 months; Julie A. Messer, administrative associate I, Office of Information Technology, 29 years; Linda C. Middleton, phone directory assistant, directory assistance, 16 years/11 months; James R. Mosley Jr., administrative assistant I, property control, 10 years; Maxine L. Myers, administrative assistant II, student financial aid, 9 years/9 months; Francine Palevitz, student affairs professional II, biological sciences, 18 years/6 months; Charles T. Roach, facilities coordinator, UGA Golf Course, 11 years; Martha J. Smith, building services worker II, North Campus building services, 21 years/4 months; Beatrice R. Stephens, administrative assistant II, geology, 21 years/4 months; Merry Shawn Stephens, administrative associate II, chemistry, 27 years/11 months; Carol L. Wheeler, department head, libraries-general operations, 28 years/10 months; William Henry Wilkinson IV, carpenter, family housing administration, 19 years/7 months; and David Exum Worrell, senior agricultural specialist, animal science research, 31 years/9 months.