Campus News


Thirty-one UGA employees retired April 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and length of employment are:

Elaine C. Aaron, administrative associate I, Small Business Development Center, 18 years/ 5 months; Maggie M. Banks, food service worker II, Marine Institute, 22 years/ 2 months; Bonita P. Bates, senior accounting technician, payroll, 28 years/ 11 months; Charles W. Berisford, professor, entomology, 37 years/ 9 months; Khorsand Bondari, professor, experimental statistic—Coastal Plain Experiment Station, 27 years; Joan S. Campbell, records coordinator I, Athletic Association, 42 years/ 11 months; Lou Ann Carter, building services supervisor, custodial—South Campus, 10 years/ 8 months; Margaret Dorothy Coleman, psychometric assistant, University Testing Services, 15 years/ 1 month; Catherine E. Cooper, administrative specialist I, physical plant, 32 years; Myrtis S. Crow, administrative associate II, art, 16 years/ 10  months; James F. Day, executive director, housing administration, 15 years/ 10 months; Stuart Feldman, director, health administration, biostatistics and epidemiology, 14 years/ 9 months; Robert L. Foote, building services worker II, custodial—South Campus, 19 years/ 6 months; Bucilla L. Hawks-Bradley, librarian III, Libraries—general operations, 28 years/ 6 months; Delores A. Jackson, health records technician, veterinary teaching hospital, 18 years/ 6  months; James G. Ledbetter, director, Carl Vinson Institute of Government, 4 years/ 8 months; David P. Mills Jr., senior public service associate, Fanning Institute, 29 years/ 11 months; Geraldine Mooney, building services worker II, custodial—North Campus, 9 years/ 11 months; Betty J. Pittman, building services worker II, custodial—South Campus, 10 years; Charlene L. Pope, licensed practical nurse, University Health Center, 30 years/ 9 months; Randy F. Powers, executive director, government relations, 5 years/ 4 months; Lee H. Pratt, research professor, plant biology, 26 years/ 7 months; Pamela P. Prokasy, administrative specialist II, Office of the Vice President for Instruction, 18 years/ 6 months; Edward G. Simpson Jr., senior public service associate, Institute of Higher Education, 22 years/ 8 months; Fred M. Skelton, associate director, Georgia Center, sales and marketing, 26 years/ 10 months; Fredrick Smith, building services worker II, residence hall facilities administration, 28 years/ 4 months; George W. Smith, manager, University Printing, 6 years/ 4 months; Johanna C. Smith, student affairs professional I, distance learning, 13 years/ 11 months; Mary E. Turner, building services worker I, custodial services—South Campus, 10 years/ 6 months; Delores G. White, administrative assistant II, accounts payable, 16 years/ 7 months; Helen H. Wilkes, librarian III, Libraries—general operations, 26 years/ 3 months.  


Seventeen UGA employees retired May 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and length of employment are:

James Darrell Bryner, research technician III, crop and soil sciences, 29 years/3 months; Jerry H. Ferguson, brick mason, masons and plasterers shop, 27 years/10 months; Martha A. Hatton, managing editor, Georgia Review, 22 years/5 months; Bernice Davenport Hector, administrative assistant II, University Health Center, 30 years/1 month; James R. Jones, HVAC/refrigeration mechanic, building A/C systems, 20 years/1 month; James E. Lay, building services worker II, custodial services–North Campus, 22 years/1 month; John W. McCall, professor, infectious diseases, 35 years/9 months; Sylvester Murray, building services worker II, custodial services–North Campus, 35 years/7 months; Mac V. Rawson Jr., director, Sea Grant Program, 25 years/2 months; James B. Ruark Jr., resident engineering inspector, Facilities Planning Office, 27 years/10 months; William Scott, grounds keeper II, grounds maintenance, 36 years/3 months; Raghubir Prasad Sharma, professor, physiology and pharmacology, 11 years/3 months; Lillie P. Stewart, cook II, Georgia Center: auxiliary operations–food services, 8 years/9 months; Shirley H. Strickland, senior accounting technician, accounts payable, 5 years/1 month; Angela Villegas, medical technologist IV, University Health Center, 20 years/7 months; Thomas C. Walker, automotive mechanic I, Southwest Research and Educational Center, 15 years/2 months; and Carol A. Wolf, library assistant II, law school library.