Campus News


Twenty-six UGA employees retired April 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and length of employment are:
Beverly Al Deen, program specialist II, Institute on Human Development and Disability, 14 years/9 months; Marsha R. Allen, institutional research analyst III, academic planning, 20 years/10 months; Gloria E. Bizzle, building services worker II, South Campus building services, 9 years/ 8 months; Bruce E. Carter, sheet metal worker, metal shop, 18 years/7 months; Christine Ann Cavinder, pharmacy manager, University Health Center, 11 years/1 month; Shirley B. Chambers, senior budget analyst, College of Family and Consumer Sciences, 22 years/2 months; Deborah B. Ellerson, IT professional specialist, Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, 27 years/4 months; Alice L. Epps, administrative associate I, Office of the Vice President for Research, 9 years/7 months; Stanley M. Fletcher, professor, agricultural and applied economics, 31 years/6 months; Dimple Baynes Forrest, county secretary, Cooperative Extension-Northwest District, 10 years/4 months; Beth G. Hamilton, IT professional principal, EITS-client services and system administration, 27 years/6 months; Andrea D. Holsinger, materials manager, veterinary teaching hospital, 29 years/8 months; Kamala Kannan, library associate I, libraries-general operations, 23 years/11 months; Troy Lee McElroy, building services worker II, second shift building services, 9 years/6 months; Arman Q. Miller, building services worker II, University Health Center, 9 years/7 months; James F. Newsome, agricultural specialist, Central Research and Education Center, 29 years/6 months; Kenneth J. Oppecker, grounds keeper I, grounds maintenance, 23 years/5 months; P. Kimo Polster, construction manager, heavy equipment, 25 years/8 months; Patricia G. Smith, laboratory technician III, animal science research, 18 years/6 months; B. Scott Strickland, HVAC/refrigeration mechanic, air conditioning shop, 29 years/5 months; Stanley M. Thain, research professional I, biological agricultural engineering research, 31 years/2 months; Freddy D. Thrasher, director, Central Research Stores, 28 years/10 months; Martha A. Tillery, administrative associate II, veterinary teaching hospital, 29 years/2 months; Randall H. Williams, maintenance foreman, School of Forestry and Natural Resources, 36 years/8 months; Robert L. Williams, senior public service associate, Fanning Institute,10 years/3 months; and Samuel F. Yoculan Jr., resident engineering inspector, Facilities Planning Office, 18 years.