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Twenty-seven UGA employees retired April 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and length of employment are: Betty H. Baskins, senior accountant, Terry College of Business–dean’s office, 29 years/7 months; Kenneth R. Bone, information technology professional, Distance Learning, 29 years/1 month; Sally A. Bradley, building services worker II, custodial services–South campus, 11 years/5 months; Ruben D. Buchanan, farm worker II, Southwest Research and Education Center, 31 years; C. Austin Burnette, building services worker II, custodial services–North campus, 12 years/3 months; Bonnie  R. Cary, ­accounting technician, history department, 17 years/5 months; Tommy L. Clark, sheet metal worker, metal shop, 13 years/6 months; Claire A. Colombo, department head, libraries–general operations, 33 years/8 months; Janice M. Farris, accountant, continuing education: business administration, 20 years/9 months; Henry Gantt Jr., carpenter, structural maintenance–South zone, 12 years/6 months; Kathy B. Hays, county secretary, Cooperative Extension–Southwest district, 21 years/9 months; Michael A. Hendrick, instructor, English, 25 years/5 months; Alan D. Liggett, associate professor, Tifton Diagnostic Lab, 22 years/3 months; Barbara A. Lillith, academic adviser II, management information systems, 9 years/8 months; Ronald W. McClendon, professor, biological and agricultural engineering, 23 years/10 months; Anita T. Miller, administrative associate I, College of Education–dean’s office, 33 years/10 months; Clayton C. ­Patman Jr., building services worker II, custodial services–South campus, 38 years/2 months; Michael J. Quinn, athletic facilities foreman, Athletic Association, 27 years/8 months; Rosetta B. Rabun, building services worker II, custodial services–South campus, 14 years/2 months; Jane A. Russell, director, recreational sports, 27 years/9 months; Linda C. Seagraves, program specialist II, Carl Vinson Institute of Government, 28 years/4 months; Phillip S. Sills, grounds keeper I, grounds maintenance, 20 years/10 months; Jane Taylor-Bailey, administrative associate I, Office of the Vice President for Research, 16 years/6 months; William L. Taylor, materials handler IV, central receiving, 9 years/11 months; Diane S. Teague, duplicating service supervisor, Campus Life, 24 years/1 month; Steven Van Tucker, agricultural specialist, animal science research, 34 years/6 months; and Kathy M. Young, bus operator, campus transit, 7 years/7 months.