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Colorful art on display at Georgia Center

The art exhibition, Creative Responses: The Colorful World of Stanley Bermudez and Ana Guzman, will be on display until April 30 in the Hill Atrium at the Georgia Center for Continuing Education Conference Center and Hotel.

Nude with a Red Scarf by Guzman, pictured below, is part of the exhibition.

Born to Venezuelan parents in New Orleans, Bermudez is a visual artist influenced by Venezuelan culture. Vibrant colors characterize Bermudez’s work.

“Viewers have found my paintings to be dynamic, vibrant and funny, surrealistic at times, and with a Pop-Art quality to them at other times, all of which are readings that I want the works to have,” he said.

A former art teacher at Lone Star College-North Harris and at Houston Community College, Bermudez also has taught at Texas Tech University.

In 2006, he moved to Athens and continues to run a studio from his home. Currently, he’s is an adjunct instructor at Gainesville State College and will work with Lone Star College-Cy-Fair in Houston later this year.

Bermudez is currently working on a series of large-format paintings that focus on the symbolism and social and political issues demonstrated in flags throughout the world.

“As a child, I always demonstrated an ability to draw, model and paint,” he said. “For me, these artistic abilities were a game, a way to keep myself entertained for hours.”

Guzman was born in Havana, Cuba, and later came to the U.S. with her family where they settled in New York City. Guzman is a graduate of Moravian College and the Philadelphia College of Art. She was also awarded a Cintas Fellowship by the United Nations.

“My paintings/drawing application is an almost visceral response to gesture and the image develops from that initial, physical stimulus,” Guzman said. “The subject matter that engages my interest is the world around me, the figure, any figure, my family, the figure in a setting, an event or activity, a landscape, a still life, a model located within a defined space and her/his spatial relationship with me as a painter. To me, painting is pure bliss where time does not exist.”

Guzman’s work is currently featured at Gallery Zero Studios in Atlanta and The Small Works Show with the Art Life Society in Fairfield, Ind.

Guzman has exhibited in Philadelphia, Atlanta and Madrid, and her work also has been featured in television commercials, travel shows, a foreign film, newspapers and magazines.