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Assistant professor shares tips for communicating with teens during COVID

Isha Metzger, an assistant professor in the psychology department within the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, was recently quoted in an APA article about communicating with teenagers during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Psychology experts say communicating with teens about important topics, such as media use, mental health, race and sex can improve dynamics between teenagers and their guardians.

It’s a good idea to address bullying issues in school-age children, especially in families of color, Metzger said. As the kids grow older and enter adolescence, conversations about the importance of diversity are critical.

One idea is to frame discussions around recent happenings, Metzger said.

“If you see something on the news or social media, it’s really important to assume that your teen has seen it as well,” she said.

The article continued to detail how parents can start an open dialogue about sex, including pointing out inappropriate or unhealthy relationships during scenes in movies.