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Associate professor talks about working remotely

Kristen M. Shockley, associate professor of psychology in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, was recently quoted in an Advisors Magazine story about working remotely.

Shockley said that the new world of work will likely result in many companies offering a remote option or at least a partial work-from-home schedule.

“I think most people are going to want a mixed arrangement,” said Shockley, whose research focuses on understanding the intersection of employees’ work and family lives. “Some flexibility to work from home, but still the option to go into the office a few days so that they can have face-to-face meetings for topics that seem really important or just general social interaction with colleagues.”

The story points out that many employers have been just as productive with staff working remotely.

“I can conjecture that most companies are probably surprised at the output of their employees during this time,” said Shockley. “My guess, though, is that once the economy recovers, people are going to be more forceful in wanting to work from home as an option, and companies will need to adjust to keep top talent.”