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Athletic Association makes upgrades to Sanford Stadium

With two home games completed this season, UGA fans have gotten their first taste of upgrades made to Sanford Stadium by the UGA Athletic Association.

Over the summer, upgrades were made to stadium bathrooms, concession stands, seating areas and more with a goal toward creating an “exceptional experience” for fans, said Melvin Robinson, UGA’s assistant athletic director for facility operations.

“It’s all about enhancement,” Robinson said. “We did it all without moving any walls or building a new stadium.”

Stadium restrooms on the east, south and west sides of the stadium were renovated from floor to ceiling.

“We now have restrooms in the stadium that no longer look like stadium restrooms,” Robinson said.

The stadium’s Sky Club and North Side Suites, premium space for exclusive fans, also were refurbished completely to give the areas a cleaner, newer look.

Other upgrades included technical enhancements to concession stands, mobile phone service and speakers.

Concession stands now have point-of-sale systems, so customers have the choice of using cash, credit or debit cards as well as Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

Stadium speakers were improved so the music that is piped in is clearer. In addition, speakers were installed closer to the field—ensuring everyone, including the players, can enjoy music and hear any announcements.

To keep attendees cool early in the season, 62 fans were installed on the ceilings of the 100-level concourses and in the seating areas in the 200 level.

To offer more food options, UGA partnered with new brand-name vendors. Fan food now includes Sonny’s BBQ, Papa John’s, Chick-fil-A, Edy’s Ice Cream, Subway, Houston’s Peanuts and Herschel’s Famous 34.
The stadium improvements are a part of what Robinson describes as phase one of improvements.

The Athletic Association has a three-phase plan of enhancements to Sanford Stadium that is scheduled to be completed by fall 2017.

For the next phase, the Athletic Association will begin in the 200-level portion of the stadium, upgrading restrooms and making other improvements. Phase two will begin next summer.