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Attract hummingbirds to your yard

To attract hummingbirds to your yard, Paul Thomas, a floriculture specialist with the UGA Cooperative Extension, said to provide a habitat similar to tree canopies in the tropics.

Male hummingbirds prefer to live near the native plant horse chestnut, or Aesculus glauca. Males are attracted to bright-red flowers like those on Lonicera sempervirens, or the native honeysuckle. Young hummingbirds prefer flowers such as Salvia guaranitica, or blue sage, which are blue.

Thomas also suggests feeder placement for the birds. Put a few feeders in the open for males, but put twice as many in the tree canopy for females.

A sugar solution made of four parts water and one part table sugar is the best mix to put in feeders. The mix should be boiled for a few minutes and then cooled. Never add fruit juice, honey or red dye. Feeders should be cleaned every two to three days. Dump the leftover food, wash thoroughly by rinsing three or four times before refilling.