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August 2016 retirees

Twenty-six UGA employees retired Aug. 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and length of employment are:

Ted W. Adams
, skilled trades worker, College of Veterinary Medicine-Dean’s Office, 28 years, 6 months; Mary H. Andrews, senior graphics designer, Marketing & Communications, 10 years; Judy P. Ansley, administrative assistant II, small animal medicine/surgery, 11 years; E. Michael Bamber, professor, J.M. Tull School of Accounting, 26 years, 1 month; Linda S. Bamber, professor, J.M. Tull School of Accounting, 26 years, 1 month; Janet S. Bittner, project director, Carl Vinson Institute of Government, 18 years, 7 months; Kathleen M.T. Cason, research professional III, J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development, 16 years, 11 months; Ronald Clay, research professional III, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center, 5 years, 1 month; George A. Dellinger, maintenance worker, Recreational Sports, 28 years, 7 months; Deborah A. Dove, administrative associate II, libraries-general operations, 24 years, 6 months; Floyd Hayes Downer, senior police officer III, UGA Police Services, 20 years, 6 months; Ruth H. Furukawa, associate research scientist, cellular biology, 29 years, 6 months; Lynda K. Garvin, human resources specialist II, Facilities Management Division-Administration and Human Resources Department, 29 years, 9 months; Edward L. Harris, academic advisor III, College of Arts and Sciences-Dean’s Office, 32 years, 10 months; Jeremy Kilpatrick, Regents Professor, mathematics and science education, 41 years, 1 month; Allan Lee Kulikoff, professor, history, 15 years, 1 month; Rickie Lumpkin, utility worker I, Georgia Center for Continuing Education: Auxiliary Operations-Food Services, 16 years, 9 months; Christel Moore, procurement specialist, Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, 29 years; Trent Moore, research professional III, Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, 17 years, 1 month; Caroline Richardson, public service assistant, Cooperative Extension-Northeast District, 30 years, 8 months; Michelle Rodriquez-Feo, administrative specialist I, School of Law, 30 years, 8 months; Chandler Rosenberger, nurse practitioner, University Health Center, 21 years, 3 months; Mary Alice Smith, professor, environmental health sciences, 22 years, 7 months; Loretta Stovall, building services worker II, Facilities Management Division-Building Services-North Campus, 17 years; Lamont R. Sudduth, greenhouse supervisor, horticulture research, Georgia Station (Griffin campus), 28 years, 11 months; and Clarice Flynt Thompson, accountant, College of Education-Dean’s Office, 22 years.

Source: Human Resources