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Automobile insurance cards

To reduce costs, the Department of Administrative Services Risk Management is no longer printing and distributing Georgia liability insurance cards. Each department is responsible for printing the required number of liability insurance cards for their state vehicles. The card should be placed in each state vehicle and remain in the vehicle at all times and should be presented as insurance verification when asked by law enforcement personnel.

Employees who use personal or rental vehicles while engaging in official state business also should keep a card in their vehicle in case of an accident. UGA is self-insured through DOAS Risk Management for liability insurance. Coverage does not apply when employees deviate from the official course and scope of duties.

The Georgia liability insurance card for FY2011 can be downloaded from the DOAS Risk Management website: The insurance cards are valid through June 30, 2011.

For more information, contact Judy Baxter, or (706) 425-3083, or Cathy Brain, or (706) 425-3250.