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Bollywood’s rise detailed in prof’s book

Bollywood’s rise detailed in prof’s book
Global Bollywood Edited by Anandam P. Kavoori and Aswin Punathambekar New York University Press $24
Global Bollywood
Edited by Anandam P. Kavoori and Aswin Punathambeka
New York University Press

Co-edited by Anandam Kavoori, an associate professor in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, Global Bollywood, examines the Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India-based film industry and its growing global popularity.

The book brings together leading scholars to examine the transnational and transmedia terrain of Bollywood. Defining Bollywood as an arena of public culture distinct from Hindi-language Bombay cinema, this volume offers a new critical framework for analyzing the institutional, cultural and political dimensions of Bollywood films and film music as they begin to constitute an important circuit of global flows in the 21st century.

Organized thematically, the book examines contestations surrounding the term Bollywood, changing relations between the state and the film industry, convergence with television and new media, online fan culture, film journalism and the reception and negotiations of gender and sexuality in diverse socio-cultural contexts.

Global Bollywood is indispensable for understanding not only Bollywood cinema and culture but also how global media flows are reconfiguring relationships among geography, cultural production and cultural identity..