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Book-a-palooza to be held April 10

Book-a-palooza, an event featuring readings from recently published doctoral candidates in the UGA Creative Writing program, will be held April 10 from 4-7 p.m. at Cine in downtown Athens.

The event features works by 10 authors and includes award-winning poetry and fiction. The work title, author and work categories are: I Eat Cannibals by Gina Abelkop, poetry; Motherlover by Ginger Ko, poetry; Disposable Epics by Thibault Raoult, poetry; Pike and Bloom by Matthew Nye, fiction novel; Soldier On by Gale Marie Thompson, poetry; System of Ghosts by Lindsay Tigue, poetry; To Denounce the Evils of Truth by Colette Arrand, lyric essay; I Learned the Language of Barbs and Sparks No One Spoke by Shamala Gallagher, poetry; The Book of Tell by Jacqueline Kari, poetry; and Impressions in the Language of a Lantern’s Wick by Jake Syersak, poetry.

UGA’s Creative Writing Program is one of only 19 creative writing programs in the U.S. that offer a doctorate. The variety of work that is produced by candidates is exemplary of the diversity of the program’s authors, according to Magdalena Zurawski, an assistant professor of English and creative writing.

“Our students are incredibly well-published. Many of them arrive with one or two publications and many publish books and win national competitions while they are here,” Zurawski said. “The publication record reflects the kind of students that are drawn to this program. Many of our students work with undergraduates, and it’s a great opportunity for those students to see how their near-peers enter into a writer’s life.

“What is wonderful about our program is that the broad interests of our faculty allow for a range of styles and creative interests to coexist,” she also said. “There isn’t one aesthetic at UGA. What we have created is a community in which students can pursue the work and writing that they care about.”

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