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Book calls for science education reform

Book calls for science education reform
America and the Americas: The United States in the Western Hemisphere By Lester D. Langley University of Georgia Press $24.95
Assessing Schools for Generation R (Responsibility)
Deborah J. Tippins, Michael P. Mueller and Arthur J. Stewart
Springer Science+Business Media
Hardback: $129

Today’s youth will face global environmental changes, as well as complex personal and social challenges. To address these issues, Assessing Schools for Generation R (Responsibility), a collection of essays, provides vital insights on how science education can be designed to better engage students and help them solve important problems in the world around them.

Edited by Deborah J. Tippins, a faculty member in the College of Education, along with Michael P. Mueller, former UGA assistant professor, and educator Arthur J. Stewart, the book includes theories, research and practices for envisioning how science and environmental education can promote personal, social and civic responsibility.

It brings together inspiring stories, creative practices and theoretical work to make the case that science education can be reformed so that students learn to meaningfully apply the concepts they learn in science classes across America and grow into civically engaged citizens.