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Book details how small things make a big difference

“The Living Shoreline: How a Small, Squishy Animal is a Coastal Hero” is a small part of a much larger ecological initiative. This children’s book comes with a federal grant to build a “living shoreline,” a manmade slope that is engineered to create the optimal living conditions for the success of oysters.

Oysters are incredibly vital to the health of coastal waterways providing food, shelter and filtration to the ecosystem. As a keystone species, the success of the oyster population can predict the success of other species, particularly those that might be struggling with issues like pollution, overfishing, or habitat destruction. Living shorelines provide a place for oysters to thrive while also helping to protect the land from destruction and environmental conditions brought on by climate change.

“The Living Shoreline” provides full-page color illustrations, oyster facts, and ecological insights to help teach young people about the importance of environmental stewardship. The life cycles and interconnections between species are crucial to understanding the way the world works and how to protect it.

A slimy little animal, the oyster, can make a big difference in the ecosystem, just like kids can make a big difference in the world.