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Book examines malnutrition in US South

Originally published in 1969, the documentary evidence of poverty and malnutrition in the American South showcased in Still Hungry in America resonates today. The work was created to complement the July 1967 U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Employment, Manpower and Poverty hearings on hunger in America. At those hearings, witnesses documented examples of deprivation afflicting hundreds of thousands of American families. The most powerful testimonies came from the authors of this book.

Al Clayton’s camerawork enabled the subcommittee members to see the results of insufficient food and improper diet. Physician and child psychiatrist Robert Coles described the medical and psychological effects of hunger. His narrative conveyed the plight of the millions of hungry citizens in the most affluent nation on Earth.

A new foreword by historian Thomas J. Ward Jr. analyzes food insecurity among today’s rural and urban poor.