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Book explores state’s ‘amazing’ coast

Georgia’s Amazing Coast
By David Bryant and George Davidson; Illustrated by Charlotte Ingram
University of Georgia Press

Do you know what is “frizzled” about the frizzle chicken? How tall a great blue heron can grow? Why a pelican might be wary of a laughing gull? The plant family to which Spanish moss belongs?

Fun and learning come together in Georgia’s Amazing Coast, a ­collection of 100 short, self-contained features about the flora, fauna and natural history of that place where land meets sea. Published by the University of Georgia Press, the book is written by two of the Georgia Sea Grant staff: David Bryant, director of communications, and George ­Davidson, a writer and editor. The 100 full-color illustrations were done by Charlotte Ingram, a graphic and Web page designer for Georgia Sea Grant.

Each page includes a full-color illustration and commentary on coastal wildlife from 50-foot-long northern right whales to single-cell plankton, from shy coyotes to overbearingly sociable sand gnats. Readers will learn about the lifespan of the gopher tortoise, the acting talents of the hognose snake, the health benefits of eating pawpaws, the importance of tidal fluctuations and much more.

Georgia’s Amazing Coast was named best children’s book by the Georgia Writers Association in 2004.