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Book focuses on science education

Multicultural Science Education: Preparing Teachers for Equity and Social Justice
Mary M. Atwater, Melody Russell and Malcolm B. Butler

Multicultural Science Education offers guidance for educators looking for ways to facilitate preservice and inservice teachers’ pedagogy relative to teaching students from underrepresented and underserved populations in the science classroom.

It also provides solutions that will better equip science teachers of underrepresented student populations with effective strategies that challenge the status quo and foster a classroom environment that promotes equity and social justice for all of their science students.

Multicultural Science Education—edited by Mary M. Atwater, a UGA education professor, Melody Russell and Malcolm B. Butler, former UGA faculty memberscenters on research findings on underserved and underrepresented groups of students and presents frameworks, perspectives and paradigms that have implications for transforming science teacher education.

In addition, the chapters provide an analysis of the socio-cultural-political consequences in the ways in which science teacher education is theoretically conceptualized and operationalized in the U.S.