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Book helps ‘interactive’ decision makers

Interactive Learning Systems Evaluation
By Thomas C. Reeves and John G. Hedberg
Educational Technology Publications

Interactive Learning Systems Evaluation focuses on evaluating interactive learning systems so anyone involved in designing, producing, marketing, implementing, or using these systems can make better decisions. It is written by Thomas Reeves, UGA professor of instructional technology, and John Hedberg, professor of instructional science in the Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice.

People involved with interactive learning systems must make decisions on a regular basis. Ideally, decisions should be informed by timely, accurate information. That’s where evaluation comes in.

The book encompasses six ­levels of evaluation keyed to the major stages ­involved in the design, development, and implementation of interactive learning systems or products such as multi-media DVDs, Web-based training, electronic performance support systems, and e-learning solutions. Various chapters in the book link evaluation procedures and tools to specific design and implementation activities to help evaluators plan, conduct and report better evaluations. Many of the methods and tools in this book can be used for multiple functions.