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Book offers guidelines for school renewal 

What can today’s educational leaders do to create schools that are purposeful, moral and successful? 

In The Essential Renewal of America’s Schools: A Leadership Guide for Democratizing Schools from the Inside Out, Carl Glickman and Ian Mette provide a powerful set of guidelines that will lead to true school renewal. Using a practical framework for school, district and community leaders, their road map replaces dependence on top-down state and federal regulations. They focus instead on the creation of locally guided initiatives to address local goals.

Filled with real-world examples, charts and illustrations, the textbook gives teachers, principals, students, parents, central office personnel, school boards and community members exactly what is needed to remake their schools. 

Building on Glickman’s highly acclaimed 1993 classic, Renewing America’s Schools, this resource is must-reading for anyone involved with school change in today’s divisive and complex times.

Glickman is a professor emeritus in UGA’s Mary Frances Early College of Education. Mette is an associate professor of educational leadership at the University of Maine whose research and teaching interests include instructional supervision, school reform and the merging of the two to drive meaningful improvement of educational systems.