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Professors edit book on place-based, indigenous focus in science education

Professors edit book on place-based
Cultural Studies and Environmentalism: The Confluence of EcoJustice
Cultural Studies and Environmentalism: The Confluence of EcoJustice, Place-based (Science) Education and Indigenous Knowledge Systems
Deborah J. Tippins, Michael P. Mueller, Michael van Eijck and Jennifer D. Adams

Two UGA science education professors have edited the first authoritative guide on the convergence of three emerging fields of study-ecojustice, place-based education and indigenous knowledge in education.

Aimed at educators and policymakers, Cultural Studies and Environmentalism, starts from the premise that schooling is a small part of the larger educational domain in which people live and learn, according to Michael P. Mueller and Deborah J. Tippins, faculty members in the College of Education’s department of ­mathematics and science education.

The book describes ways in which homegrown talents and knowledge can be developed, while eco-region awareness and global relationships can be facilitated.

Incorporating a diversity of perspectives that include photography, poetry and visual art, the book focuses on evaluating educational problems and community conditions.

The book includes chapters by several UGA faculty members, including Norman Thomson, Cory Buxton, Jamie Calkin, and doctoral candidates in science education Jennifer Lance Atkinson, Stacey Britton and Tina Williams Pagan.