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Book seeks to combine poetry, philosophy

What happens when poetry and philosophy converge? Over coffee at Leeds’ Opposite Cafe, award-winning poet Helen Mort and Aaron Meskin, UGA faculty member, set out to explore that very question.

Their caffeine-fueled discussions morphed into the intriguing concept behind this book: a cross-disciplinary creative dialogue in which the poet lets her imagination loose on philosophical texts, and the authors of the papers respond.

Like all the best coffee shop conversations, the results take unexpected turns through the art of tattooing, graffiti, Belle & Sebastian, food, rock climbing and whether there’s such a thing as bad art. So pull up a chair, and join Mort, Meskin and 10 of the world’s leading philosophers of art for coffee, poetry and everything in between.

Meskin began his role in July as head of the philosophy department in UGA’s Franklin College of Arts and Sciences.