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Book sheds light on who fought in the American Revolution

Old stories of the American Revolution have been passed down through families and generations. While many battles took place on America’s shores, offshore was another war effort.

“The Untold War at Sea: America’s Revolutionary Privateers” tells the story of the soldiers that fought on the waves and played a critical role in European and Anglo-American relations through the 18th century.

Author Kylie A. Hulbert shares experiences, engagements, cruises, court cases and stories from privateers at home and abroad. Challenging the existing narrative of the Revolutionary War, Hulbert considers the role that privateers played in the conflict. Hulbert argues that privateers operated in the core of the Revolution and winning independence, despite some of their controversial tactics. As part of the fledgling American navy, privateers stood side by side with minutemen, Continental soldiers and sailors.

“The Untold War at Sea” brings a new light to who really fought in the American Revolution, solidifying the privateers with their place in history.