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Books cover comparative politics

Comparative Politics: Critical Concepts in Political Science
Edited by Howard J. Wiarda
Taylor and Francis Group Routledge Publishers

Howard Wiarda, Dean Rusk Professor of International Relations and head of UGA’s international affairs department, has edited Comparative Politics, a six-volume set covering the field of comparative politics.

Serving as general editor for the project-which totaled 2,275 pages-Wiarda supervised a team of six researchers, mainly current or former graduate students, who compiled the ­materials.

“This set brings together the best writings in the comparative politics field and presents them in an organized, logical and coherent way,” says Wiarda. “It collects in one place all the main ideas and research in the discipline and makes the entire field centrally ­accessible to students and fellow scholars.”

Comparative Politics involves the systematic and comparative study of the world’s nations and political systems, of which there are now more than 200. Volumes in the series include “Comparative Politics: History, Theory, Context,” “Foundations of Comparative Politics: Western Europe and the United States,” “The Politics of Asia,” “Post-Communist Politics and Change in Russia and East Central Europe,” “Developing Nations: Latin America, the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa” and “Comparative Public Policy.”