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UGA Police Timely Warning: Burglary/ Armed Robbery Update

University of Georgia Police Department

January 26, 2014

Lt. Eric Dellinger (706) 542-5813
Chief Jimmy Williamson (706) 542-5813


In reference to the burglary and armed robbery reported earlier this date, the University of Georgia Police Department would like to provide the following updated information in reference to the details of what occurred during the incident. The residence hall in question, Busbee Hall, is equipped with an access control system that requires individuals entering the building to have authorized key card access based on their residency therein. University of Georgia Housing policy also dictates that authorized individuals are not to hold open doors or allow unauthorized individuals who may be waiting outside an entrance to enter by “piggy backing.”

After a number of interviews with individuals involved in the incident and a review of video surveillance from the residence hall, it is known that the perpetrators in this incident gained entry to the otherwise secure building when a student held open a door in violation of established security policies. It is also known that there were four perpetrators involved in the incident instead of the three mentioned in the original timely warning. Once the perpetrators gained entry into the building, they located and entered an unsecured suite to commit a burglary.

It is also known that a weapon was never pointed at any of the individuals involved in the confrontation with the perpetrators. Both individuals reported that one perpetrator raised his shirt and made statements at one point during the confrontation alluding to the fact that he may have had a gun. However, one individual reports that he believes he observed a handgun in the individual’s waistband, while the other individual indicates that he did not observe a handgun at any time. It is not clear based on the information known at this point whether or not a gun was involved in this incident.

Security measures and policies designed to prevent individuals who intend to commit such criminal acts from entering buildings are in place in many locations on the University of Georgia campus, including residence halls. The University of Georgia Police Department strongly encourages all students, faculty and staff to strictly adhere to these very important policies. Please do not hold doors open for individuals who do not have the proper authorization and do not allow individuals to enter behind you by “piggy backing.” If you observe individuals acting suspiciously or individuals who gain entry to secured buildings in this manner, please call the University of Georgia Police Department immediately. Everyone is also strongly encouraged to always lock their respective doors.

We also strongly reiterate that no one should ever attempt to confront a perpetrator in the unfortunate event that you become a victim of such a crime. Call 911 immediately if you find yourself in this circumstance.

This incident remains under investigation. University of Georgia Police Department investigators have identified a number of individuals who are considered to be persons of interest related to this incident. Efforts to locate these individuals and to determine what, if any, involvement they have in this incident continue. Anyone who may have information regarding this incident or the identity of these suspects is asked to contact the University of Georgia Police Department at 911 or (706) 542-2200.