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Cabinet adopts wireless devices policy


The Cabinet has adopted a new policy regarding wireless communication devices. It requires that all requests for wireless communications devices such as cell phones, PDAs and pagers be routed through a Web-based approval system.

While the system has been in use since July 1, the policy’s adoption this past fall has created changes in how departments pay for employee’s wireless gadgets.

“One of the biggest changes…was that employees can no longer go to any vendor they want. It must be done on a purchase request so it’s all done through procurement,” says Judy Howell, manager of telephone services.

Bringing all departments under the same set of guidelines should speed up the approval process and ensure fairness for all employees, she adds.

The policy also includes a reimbursement plan for business calls made on personal phones. The university will pay for school-related calls if they make up 26 to 75 percent of an employee’s monthly bill.

More information is available online (